Thursday, January 18, 2007

The end of another era....

The time has finally come for me to draw the curtains on this blog.
I no longer find it exciting and do not derive anymore pleasure posting stuff here.
So that's it folks!

p/s:all you dear friends of mine know where to find me!am just an e-mail away.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Saw very few movies this year as compared to the last.
Must be geeting old!
Read the newspaper about 'Borat' winning awarded at the Golden Globe.
Well, if there was one outrageously hilarious but really sick movie, it's gotta be it.I almost cried laughing at the movies.But would I watch it again?No way!
New year, new haircut,new clothes,new beginnings!

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Down Under

Pictures courtesy East Eats

To a pink bunny.....

I had the greatest time ever!
You are amazing!
Raj,Arppy and Teens:
Thank you for being my best buddies.I know we are all over the world at the moment and some of you are going through some rough times.Stay focussed and know that we are there for one another.We're all just a phone call away.Do not despair in times of need even if it is just to unload a silly naggy feeling off your chest.Love you guys terribly!

Happy New Year-2007!

Wow!Time really flew last year!So many thing happened and so many places travelled to and tons of new friendships forged.Experiences galore and gosh i can't pinpoint to one fantastic event exactly as so many wonderful things happened last year.There were also some downsides but i guess life would not be perfect otherwise.To all my friends and family, I wish you all a wonderful and fantastic new year ahead.May God bless us all.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Dear younger me...

Well, I am officially in my thirties now....I can't even claim I'm in my late twenties anymore.(Not that anyone would dispute that even if I did....except my mom of course who follows a strange muslim calender and says I'm actually 2 years older than I really am...yikes!)So here's a letter to myself, knowing what I know now.This is a letter of wisdom for a younger me(minus 10 years!)

Dear younger self,

I know you feel you are finally liberated after so many years of cuckolding (by your parents) now that you are finally in med school on your own and out to make an impression.

You may feel you don't know what you really want in life yet except to maybe get through school in the next few years but make sure you make the most of it.Do not get sidetracked.

You are made of good stuff and you stand by it.Do not live for someone else for it shapes the decisions you make,which may not always be the best ones for your own future.

Mistakes will happen but learn from them and do not wallow in self pity.

And maybe you should take up that offer of veejaying you got while walking down Brigade Road one day(it's a big thing these days!)

On the other hand things all happen for a reason and everything works out for the best.Last but not least know that life is too beautiful not to savour it and too precious not to live it.


Tuesday, December 12, 2006

How not to unwind after a long day....

-have your mom moan about her 'ill health'.
-have her insist that she doesn't need to see a doctor because gee her daughter is one!(doesn't matter that she deals with kids more than scalpels!)
-have her worry herself about all sorts of surgical problems she could be having!
-have your mom lament the fact that she has an uncaring,insensitive, mean daughter who doesn't care about her.
-AND your mom saying that none of this would ever happen if the said mean,uncaring,insensitive daughter was MARRIED!

Thursday, December 07, 2006


One heckuva week!

Thursday, November 30, 2006


I am soooooooooooooo pissed!
I feel like physically hurting someone right now and it would be great if it was one of my patient's mom who I saw today just a couple of hours ago, who promptly abandoned her baby as soon as the poor baby got admitted!How could anyone do that?!!It would be sooooooooo satisfying to wring the mom's neck right now!!!If I ever lay my eyes on her again.....

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

What I want for Christmas

Well I know christmas is still a long while away but then again this is when I normally do my christmas shopping for friends.....And a friend asked me what I would like for Christmas.....
Okay, here's the list folks.....

-a swiss bunny.
-an all year's paid expense for flights all over the world(if one only knew how much I busted this year on flights alone!)
-a chinese shophouse(I hope my dad reads this!)
-another pair of 'jooties' wouldn't hurt of course (oh by the way,I have this fantastic new ones in black which I just adore!)
-someone willing to swap their laptop with my heavy red Ferrari Acer 3000LMi eventhough I do think it's the prettiest laptop I have ever seen(of course I'm no sucker, your laptop's gotta be good enough for an exchange, dude!)
-a ready to cook tom yum recipe that can't be beaten and is authentic enough.
-get a new nephew/niece(s)....(hint hint Nihad!) to spoil....the current ones are all growing at a frightening rate and know too much for little kids!
-a tummy zapper that really works!

and last but not least, I would like a lifetime membership to a Balinese Spa!

So that's all I can think of, folks, at this time.....shall update it more as my ageing brain cells conjure up more things my little heart might desire.............


It's been a month exactly now since Diwali came and went followed by
Raya.But being Malaysians with their fervour to arrange 'makan' for every occasion they can think of, it's not surprising that we still have open houses going on celebrating both festivals!

So the other day the Surgical Dept outdid all the other departments with their very generous and wonderful setting for DeepaRaya celebrations.Food was excellent and the variety unbeatable.In fact it was the only department that invited everyone from all the attendants of the hospital to the top heads of every dept.It also helped that all the surgeons are a boisterous lot and get along well with everyone almost.

And now the Paediatric Dept is planning to have our 'makan' on the 29th when the ever elusive boss could grace us with her presence.....and she isn't exactly the boisterous kind....hmmmm......Oh well, then again people mostly come just for the food anyhow!

Thursday, November 16, 2006 be on the recieving end.

Recently I took my mom for a check up at the general hospital.I can start off right here about everything that went wrong!But I shall be a bit professional and only complain about the nurse and doc who attended to my mother (as I, myself am in the healthcare profession).It really irks me that we have imbeciles, working in the govt.setting on top of that,in charge of things they have no clue about!!!!Arrggggghh!
To the doc who saw my mom......I hope when your turn comes buddy, you realize what a dog you were!
But maybe I should thank you in a way as you have truly made me aware of what kind of doctor I hope I never become.I sincerely hope I have never hurt the feelings of any of my little patients or their parents intentionally ever.God only knows but whenever I am impatient in future, I hope God gives me the strength and patience to tide things over.
And to the nurse......go-lah and brush up on your English before you attempt to embarrass yourself further!You are a shame to your noble profession!And all that make up on your face isn't gonna improve your sour countenance!Ever.

Congratulations Afifah!

We are all so proud of you, kiddo!

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Out to chill after a tough week.....woo hoo!